Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Hard/Soft Mouth guards are custom made by your dentist to fit comfortably around your teeth. They can be provided for a variety of reasons e.g. protection during sports, nightwear for people who are clenching or grinding.

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B Splint

A B-Splint compromises of an upper and lower appliance. The posterior teeth are fully covered providing retention for the appliance. The lower splint has a flat bite plane along the central incisor region & the upper has a ramp over the central area, resulting in no posterior contact.

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Anti-Snoring Devices

What is an anti-snoring device?

An anti-snoring advice is an oral appliance which is worn at night to prevent or reduce snoring. The purpose of the appliance is to hold the lower jaw in a forward position. During sleep any opening of the mouth pulls the lower jaw further forward thereby increasing the gap at the back of the throat and allowing more air to flow freely – and quietly.

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What is the procedure?

Following the completion of a questionnaire, your dentist will take moulds of your upper and lower arches. Your appliance will be custom made to the moulds of your mouth and your dentist will fit it. You dentist will advise you on how often you should wear the appliance and monitor your progress.

This type of devise is generally not suited to people with few or no natural teeth and will not work for everyone – around 60% achieve complete relief from snoring.

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