White Fillings


White fillings provide a natural aesthetic appearance. They can be an alternative to Amalgam ‘Silver’ fillings which are aesthetically poor and contain mercury. They are a newer undetectable white material, which provides a long lasting natural look.

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What are white fillings?

A composite filling is a tooth coloured resin and glass mixture used to bond enamel and dentine. White fillings can restore teeth that are damaged or broken as a result of decay, trauma or fracture.

What are the reasons for having a white filling?

White fillings are used to restore broken or decayed teeth. They repair unsightly teeth and can be used to replace amalgam silver fillings. They are also used where there is tooth sensitivity and gum recession.

What is the procedure of a white filling?

White fillings are a simple and pain free procedure. The area is first numbed using local anaesthetic. The damaged part of the tooth is then removed and replaced with the filling material.

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