Facial Aesthetics


Here at Wisdom Dental, we offer the latest treatments and techniques for Facial aesthetics.  These treatments can be used to soften expression lines and define facial contours, giving you a more youthful and radiant look, for a more confident you.

Wrinkle Reduction Treatments

More and more of us are turning to gentler ways to achieve a youthful look and with incredible results we are now pleased to offer fine line and wrinkle reduction treatment at the practice using a series of small injections. So if your laughter lines aren’t funny any more, contact the practice for more information on facial rejuvenation or to arrange a consultation. Overtime and due to gravity, ageing and sun exposure, wrinkles can appear.

It is a safe non-surgical wrinkle reduction technique most commonly used on the forehead, creases and crow feet areas. Here at Wisdom Dental we use Azzalure which can be successfully used to combat signs of ageing

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal e.g. Restalyne fillers are a highly purified form of the typically naturally occurring substance hyaluronic acid. These are used to help add volume as well as plumpness to the skin in areas where there is a breakdown of tissue caused by age. They are very effective at helping to smooth the appearance of the deep wrinkles whilst enhancing the fullness of lips.

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Dermal Rollers

Dermal rollers provide advanced micro-medical skin-needling, a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking skin.

Dermaroller therapy can significantly improve the appearance of:

  • Acne scars
  • Aged and sun damaged skin
  • Facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles
  • Stretch marks

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